An interview with legendary California photographer Anthony Friedkin to promote an exhibition in Santa Monica, 2022. 
A long-form documentary is currently in production and will debut in 2024.

An excerpt from a forthcoming documentary about the incredible architectural & artistic history of LA's Rustic Canyon, a libertine enclave near the beach with a rich creative history.
Architectural Designer Taunya Steen-Mizel discusses her home, 247 Amalfi Drive. 

London-based Ashleigh K and I have collaborated on writing music & and shooting music video since 2009. 
This track was released on my music label 4th & Montana in early 2023.

Billie Eilish "Happier than Ever" 2022.
Was a technical consultant, one of the DOPs and post-production graphic supervisor. 



Mark Tierney DGA is an award-winning writer/producer/director, an award-winning platinum-selling recording engineer/musician and a published journalist/photographer based in California. 

He released his first record in 1991, directed his first long-form documentary in 1996, and had a long career as a radio and TV host in NZ, before basing himself in London, Copenhagen and Los Angeles. He has made hundreds of music videos and TV commercials, produced or directed a dozen feature-length projects and worked in editorial for the BBC, ITN, CNN and others. While a music industry A&R executive he co-created ‘Pop Stars’, the precursor to the global ‘Idol’ franchise. 

While music and painting are his passions, its storytelling via digital media that has enabled his global travels. This gift for storytelling led to senior consultant roles in music, tech and design companies, and advisory/mentor roles at a variety of tech incubators in London and Los Angeles. 

“I used to feel it was a fight between my creative and business skills, but one day I realised they were just different angles on the same impulses.”

Today Mark blends producing and directing long-form documentaries about artists with a growing marketing consultancy. 

“Its about bringing someone’s stories to new, wider audience. The purposes align perfectly. Its an amazing time for me to be creative.” 



Mark has been in the music industry as a musician, producer A&R executive and label founder since 1984. 
He has gold and platinum albums and multiple industry and songwriting awards from his work in New Zealand. 
His life in film took over from 1998 on, but since 2018 he has rededicated himself to music with a new album and multiple collaborations.